The Fall of Gerald

Gregory's Journal #0

The Raven Files

I thought it best, before moving forward, to give you a general description of the important people in this tale, so that you’ll have a convenient entry to flip back to, if necessary. I’ve given myself several pages in this section, so that I can edit it when more join our group.

Dulgamar Skin-scorcher: One of the three founding members of the Ravenguard, this dwarf faces battle with his mighty axe, his enchanted warhammer, and his unarmored body. He loves the fight, easy to anger, and he keeps people in check through experience as a Dwarven Berzerker alone. Not particularly well-educated, but he has a good head on his shoulders, able to think through social situations despite his terrible temper. He lost his family to a Tiefling warlock, but I’ll give him a little time to tell you about that.

Ditch: Another of the three founding members of the Ravenguard, this amnesiac elf is quiet, reserved, and helpful surviving in the wildnerness while traveling. His past is largely mysterious, and it often became difficult for me to connect with him. But he was a kind person, whip-smart, and good with a bow. He left the guild after a particularly difficult time, and his fate remains unknown, no matter how often I hope my dreams might tell me something useful about his future.

Norixius Rhogar: The last of the three founding members of the Ravenguard, Rhogar was largely considered the leader in those early days. Tactically brilliant, his skills as a Dragonborn are top-knotch, though he was a little too straight-laced for my tastes. A devotee of some minor dragon god, he used his abilities well, but they did not help him face off against a dragon in the Emerald Forest. We still do not know exactly what happened, but we assume him dead.

Kyzer Falcrin: Easily the most mysterious of our group, perhaps even more mysterious than the amnesiac, this behemoth of a man is worhty of his skills and stature. Able to carry around a greatsword with strange properties as though it were a one-handed blade, we learn quickly that there is much more than meets the eye of this quiet fellow, with the occasional murdering spree to confuse us all. The first time that I saw the curse on his arm, in a tent on the countryside, I had no idea what to think, afraid to ask until I knew more.

Blackfire: An orphan cleric with a penchant for getting into trouble, he should never be in the same room as Cornelius. (I’d like to consciously choose not to be in the same room as him.) The victim of a color-changing potion, a stalker without the looks ot make up for it, and eventual murderer of the innocent, I have very mixed feelings about Blackfire, but the worst and oddest thing about him is his nature as a kitsune, some kind of fox spirit from another dimension. Whatever that means.

P. Cornelius Hoolihan: Former sailor, this man without an intelligent bone in his body still had the sense to know where and when to use his magic, despite the true lack of training or experience to use it effectively. Door collector extraordinaire, he used them as shields, eventually attracting the attention of a guild known as the Black Coats, a motley bunch of musclemen who are never dressed in anything but a suit. Often drunk, I think something in him snapped, because he started to believe that he was named Pelor, the god that Blackfire worships. Last I checked, he was still under this impression, but he left our group to pursue better pastures in the Black Coats.

Romero Greycastle: A wizard who recently joined as our assigned blacksmith, I don’t know much about him. Armed with his mobile forge, a curiosity that would make many blacksmiths jealous, he is working on several commissions for us, including a large and expensive one. He’s proven himself capable in combat, but I really want to know where he was trained.

Ziggy Stardust: An oddly-dressed individual whom I’ve declared my eternal rival, this singing sensation is sweeping the country. He should really meet my older sister Prue, I think they would make fast friends. Wonder where she is…?

And me, Gregory Michaelson. Trained under the legendary tutor Alexander, I spent much of my childhood learning magic and history and culture from someone who proved to have very different ideals than my family upbringing, challenging the notion of my family’s orc-driven mines. I… know that I may regret writing this down, should this fall into the wrong hands, but I want to work on saving the orcs and half-orcs from slavery under imperial rule, to follow my tutor’s footsteps. Guild business has distracted me from this plan of late, but I’m hoping that this witch business will end soon and that I can reorient myself on that goal.

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