The Fall of Gerald

Gregory's Journal #2

The Raven Flies

While my own journey started on the other side of the Empire, our journey as the Ravenguard began in the Imperial town of Newsham, not too far from the border with Gerald. Quite frankly, I dislike that I will have to re-order this notebook at some point chronologically, but I’ll have to ignore it for now.

While not personally present for much of the proceedings, it went about as well as you’ll come to expect as you read the rest of this account, with myself there or no.

Money exchanged hands to allow the talented, but troubling alchemist Peter Picklesworth into the town, past the guards who were giving him trouble. Personally, I’m not too fond of bribery, but the net gain of Peter’s presence in our group makes the situation worth it. We certainly did not know of it at the time, but the man would come to help us greatly, even if his experiments largely caused trouble along the way.

A saloon whose name I do not recall – Oh, Dulgamar says that it’s the Quiet Bird Saloon – was the next step, and what a step it was.

Cornelius, a fine sorceror who would later think himself a god, ordered a bottle of well-aged gnomish wine, and this decision serves as a model to understand the rest of our group’s actions and behavior later.

A broken leg, a drunk sorceror, and a destroyed door later, and we learned that Dinmick, the owner of the Saloon, had been captured alongside Peter. Rushing out to investigate, the others fought off several Bugbears, nasty creatures that I’m glad to have personally avoided. I wouldn’t be so lucky in the future.

Thankfully, we saved them, and had to deal with the fallout of Blackfire, the cleric, drinking an incomplete potion of Peter’s that forced him to change into unnatural colors every day from then on. Such an inconsequential detail will become very important later on.


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