The Fall of Gerald

Lost Letters

Fizban and Gabriel


Please forgive me if this is confusing, but I have no idea if you will receive this letter or if someone else will intercept this. I now know that this quest will must likely cost me my life but if I am right, the information I have discovered will most likely save the world.

Before I write anymore, I have two favors for you. First, if something happens to me please look out for young Rebecca. She has been untarnished by mt quest and I would like to keep her that way. While I may never be able to tell her myself, she is kindest spirit I have ever come across and I wouldn’t do the things I have done without her. Second, look for a group called the Ravenguard. They will have answers to your many questions, even if they don’t know it.

I have discovered that there were two rituals for the spirit. One in Erance, one in the Imperial Capital. They were done within days of each other, and I believe that L is the one. But she will most likely be discovered before you can do anything. Even if she is lost to the enemy, not all is lost. You will know what I mean.

Trust no one from the order and the empire,
Gabriel Arch

Hidden Note
May the Phoenix protect you old friend


Kirk_Lemmen Kirk_Lemmen

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