Bitty "Bartholomew"

A goblin who can read and write. (Who would have guessed.)


A small green goblin with an intelligent look in his blue eyes. His fingers are stained with ink and covered in paper cuts.


While born with a body of a goblin, he had the mind of a scholar. It didn’t take long before his goblin brethren noticed his unique curiosity. After almost being eaten twice by his own siblings, Bitty decided to leave his goblin community and pursue his life goal of reading every book ever written. Over the course of six years, Bitty traveled all over Gerald and the Empire visiting cities and “paying” for any services he needed by breaking and entering. Even though he always left money, it never took long before his adventures in a human town would be noticed. Once a town had enough of him and his antics, Bitty would move onto the next town.

When trying to make a book in the town of Newsham, he was discovered and captured by the Ravenguard. While the party was discussing what to do with him, he talked to them in common. It didn’t take long before he was offered a position as the Ravenguard’s Treasurer. Ditch renamed him Bartholomew and name has forever stuck.

Bitty "Bartholomew"

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