Luke Forest

A sickly gentlemen with a large heart.


He has black hair and blue eyes. While his elven ancestry is strong, his chin hair makes it apparant he is a half-elf. He wears thin green shirt and pants that have food stains on it. He always has a light cough.


Luke was discovered as an infant by an elder couple in the forest. He grew up with Sarah and Thomas. At a young age, he discovered that he had a talent for healing, but was always a sickly child. He followed Thomas and Sarah everywhere, and joined their thieving gang. However, when Sarah wanted to join the Red Hands, he wanted them to walk away but wouldn’t abandon his friends. Unfortunately, he got sick just before their first job and couldn’t leave the Red Hands camp. After they killed Thomas, even though Sarah wanted to run away with him, he wasn’t up for traveling. When the party discovered him in the Red Hands camp, he pleads for the party to spare Sarah.

Luke Forest

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