The Fall of Gerald

Peter's Journal
Entry #234

Healing Potion trial # 6
●2 Blood Flowers (substitute for Moon Flowers)
●3 drops of Maiden Tears (sadly this is a distilled ale, much harder to found than young girls)
●1 crushed clove of Dragon’s Tongue (Common Weed easily mistaken with Horse’s Grass)
●1 pre-made potion starter

Brew for one hour under medium heat. Potion turned yellow, then green. Already doing better than last time, this Potion didn’t explode.

Testing potion. With a small butter I will cut my thumb and see if it recovers from potion.

Lost feeling to half of face. Tongue turned blue. Left foot big toe is tingling. Thumb restored but I can’t bend it.

Conclusion, potion successful. Will change ratio of Maiden tears to fix blue tongue. Still sad that aren’t really “Maiden tears”.

Rebecca's Journal #1

It has been a week since I discovered that my mentor Gabriel Arch was murdered and the pain of his loss since hasn’t diminished. The only thing that makes his death bearable is my unique companions in the Ravenguard. Even the terrifying Kyser Falcrin has shown me his caring side for my loss.

Gabriel wouldn’t want me to mourn for him, but I can’t help but think of him as the father I never had. Without his guidance, I don’t know what to do next. While Talion Zeallion has offered to show me what Gabriel was upto while he was in the Order, I feel that he wasn’t being entirely sincere with his offer. I feel terrible saying that because in one conversion with him, I learned more about my master’s past than I did in eighteen years traveling with the man.

During this last week I made a terrible mistake. Gregory Michaelson made me question Gabriel’s treatment of me and in a fit of rebellion (this makes me feel like I am five years old) I stopped drinking my herbal tea. Because of this both Bartholomew and Dulgamar discovered my secret. Fortunately, they have promised to keep my secret safe but this oversight in judgement makes me feel I have failed Gabriel in some way.

All of this talk about loss makes me miss my friends back in the capital. While Daniel and I never could see eye to eye, even his company would be desired at this point. Corda colorful bahavior reminds me of my friend Laura. Gabriel never approved of my friendship with her, but that never bothered me much as Laura’s kindness was only matched her affinity with magic.
Many of the emperor’s personal mages were envious of her talents. I always found it funny that many people would call us twins even though we had no blood relation. Before our sudden departure, there was a rumor she might be the appointed onto the Council of Humanity (Military leadership of the Church of humanity).

If Laura was here, she would know what to do…

Today, Dulgamar offered me to join the Ravenguard on their job. While before I might of politely decline, I think this quest might help clear my mind.

Gregory's Journal #1
Twisting Perceptions

Suppose it had to be me, did it not? Dulgamar’s handwriting is atrocious and Blackfire, while elegant in script, tends to break up his words into ramblings about Pelor, and I’d rather keep religiosity out of records of our official proceedings. And, well, Rhogar’s dead, so… Yes. Up to me now. I can only hope that it will not distract too much from my studies.

With Gabriel’s death shadowing over the group, and my own guilt at turning Rebecca slightly against him, I decided to take up the reins at writing a record of our journey, to follow in the old scholar’s footsteps and make sure that our works won’t be forgotten for centuries. Rebecca seems interested in helping me out, so hopefully she’ll share some of the burden, but I won’t ask her to do anything she isn’t ready for. She’s adjusting, but only just, I think.

We are going to be renowned, and there is going to be a record of the Ravenguard, from the prospective of its most learned member. I would not want some independent historian to try to piece things together without the proper context of our group dynamic. They would surely leave out moments like the subtle manipulations of Tim or the fascination with breaking down doors to use as shields, to focus on our adventures.

So I am going to embark on this project to really get to the bottom of the Ravenguard, to keep a record of this moment forward, and to eventually fill in the gaps from when this whole thing started. I’ll do my best to include important quotes and the perspectives of others, but like all historians-to-be, my own voice will likely still be felt throughout the journal. It feels important to say.

As mentioned previously, recent events have been troubling. We have just witnessed the Praetorian Guard raiding the Silver Sword warehouses on the night of our stakeout, and I am thankful for my divination powers, to watch from afar. While I cannot be one hundred percent sure, this feels like a turning point, a moment that will likely be debated among our group for weeks to come, because there is a lot that we do not know.

Troubling still, the revelation that one of the Guard interrogated a survivor about the identity of Gabriel’s killer is perhaps worst of all, directly linking us to the proceedings even more and speaking of a larger conspiracy. On top of that reveal, Flora Lionheart, Third Commander of the local Silver Sword Chapter, told us that the only survivor seemed to suggest that the Guard had been ordering the Silver Swords to transport the monsters, through the portal system that I witnessed.

I am uncertain as to what the implications of these reveals are, but in the past two days, the mystery of Gabriel Arch has gotten even more complex.

After returning to the Dying Fox Inn, where our guild is currently based, we recieved a messaage from a local noble Talion. He’s the new-money-type, someone who seems a little unfamiliar with the ins and outs of prestige and upper class, but perhaps there’s some cultural difference there, between our experiences. Needlessly to say, I am wary of him.

While the party divided the next day, Dulgamar and I headed to the Cheap Bottle Tavern, a place whose stench I can’t seem to avoid, to meet with LIon and give him an update personally. I realized my own services would be better spent following the lead from the message and meeting with Talion at the library, to speak with him about his investigation into the death of his friend. I felt it better for me to speak to him alone so that I may watch him carefully, because I’m certain that the others trust him more than I do. The dwarf is not always a good judge of character, and Blackfire would likely just mystify him.

Talion had already arrived and was speaking with Rebecca, having visted the library herself, sharing stories about her mentor. It was a sweet moment that I honestly did not wish to interrupt, but it could not be helped. Talion’s insistence to speak to me alone, leaving Rebecca behind, only raised my suspicions, but I am a stubborn individual and would not take no for an answer, feeling it important for Rebecca to hear the information.

The noble agreed and lead us to a local bookstore, a ratty place that I don’t think I’d step foot in normally, and thought he was being clever when he flashed a card with a symbol of the bird, the recurring symbol of the Phoenix, to the old lady behind the counter. She agreed to his request of the room, and left accordingly.

Talion asked questions, questions about why we had been traveling with Gabriel, about the Praetorian Guard, and about the reasoning for his travels. I answered as best I could, and asked questions of my own, about the mystifying Order. Talion confirmed that the demarcation of the Phoenix is their symbol, and that it was a secret organization that operates on a need-to-know basis, to protect its operations. He spoke of Gabriel’s family, something that no one in our group had ever heard about, a wife and son.

Three important relevations came from that meeting: Daniel Arch, Gabriel’s son, is a member of the Praetorian Guard; Gabriel’s wife is a Lionheart; and that I am an idiot.

I felt the magic field in the room, could feel that it would prevent some magic from forming. But when the line of questioning arose about the box the Guard had stolen from Rebecca’s room during our first encounter with them, I could tell that Talion was lying that he did not konw what piece of information was hidden in the box.

I won’t attempt to justify my actions, though I will say that I thought it would work at the time. Rather than pressure Talion with words, I pressured Talion with mental influence through magic, and the magic failed due to the protective enchantments in the room.

Talion chuckled and essentially shut me out from that moment on, and it greatly disappoints me that I did not get the information that I sought, due to my own failings. Had I not relied on my magic, perhaps he would have eventually felt that he could share this pivotal information to someone that I believe Gabriel might have trusted.

To distract myself from my falings, I returned to the Cheap Bottle Inn to participate in Fight Night. Not quite productive, exactly, but we did encounter an… interesting fellow named Ziggy, who provided muscial entertainment at the bar during the event. A magical duel erupted between us, and I emerged victorious after the bastard tried to blind me. I did not know it at the time, but the magical drug addict Ziggy would join us the next day, and become integral to the group.

With Dulgamar’s and my hopes dashed to Lion’s victory, the dwarf continued to drink the night away and I returned to the inn.

After Blackfire’s usual destruction of property, which needs no additional comment other than the loss of our security deposit, we awoke the next morning and attempted to catch everyone up from the previous day’s revelations. To add to the mystery of Gabriel Arch, Dulgamar had learned from Lion that Gabriel was the Emperor’s personal scribe. A troubling revelation for our entire journey thus far. At this point, he is more confusing than my own prophetic nightmares.

Flora Lionheart arrived not long after that and announced that we had, somehow, succeeded in getting the paperwork for the Griffons, signed by her own uncle, the Duke, and that Lion would train the Griffons, currently in his care. She thanks us for our services and offers for Corda, a helpful and utterly bizarre sorceress, to remain in our organization temporarily, at least while the investigation continues.

Victorious, we turned to our next task, one that I hope will be much less taxing than this mess. I’d greatly appreciate getting out of this city for a little while, to clear my head, and saving some missing villagers from wtiches for a cash reward seems fit.

Seventh/Eight Sessions
(Now in rhyming form!)

In the previous dungeon, the group found a book,
But there was no writing in this tome that they took,
The pages were white and barren and blank,
It looked pretty useless, if i may be frank.

They gathered their junk and went back to the cart,
Where Bob still remained, with his broken heart.
But then came a sound from the bushes nearby,
Cornelius was back, though he might’ve been high.

He said “I’m a god” ; he believed to his core,
that he was the entity known as Pelor,
Later that day, and long overdue,
Blackfire returned, though he might’ve been blue.

Some other stuff happened, but i got tired of writing,
but it involved griffons, and also barfighting.
Somebody else should finish this tale,
But i’m kinda tired, and drank too much ale.

(Don’t hesitate to delete this dumb rant,
I hope someone rewrites it, because obviously, I can’t..)

Sixth Session
The Borders of Geralt and The Abandoned Tower

After completing the requests of the Black Coats, the group set off once more for the border into Geralt. At an inspection outpost, they ran into the horrible realization that they would be searched and reprimanded for the griffons and goblin that they have with them. That’s when P. Cornelius Houlihan had the brilliant idea to pose as the Emperor, in which the border guards were awestruck. After being allowed to pass (by the Geralt Guards) his disguise was revealed, much to the annoyance of the imperial guards, who could do nothing as the party was now on Geralt soil.

After having a stern talking too about fooling the guards in Geralt, the party set out for the next city, but they were delayed, as Gabriel wanted to look over a site nearby, an old abandoned mages tower.

While searching through the tower, they had to dodge lethal traps, kill giant spiders, and fight rat-people. In a fight with some of these rat-people, the dwarf had injured one who decided it was wiser to run away than to fight any more. Dulgamar charged ahead, apart from the group, and almost went down while fighting alone. After finally tracking the injured ratfolk his destination, the found a room full of ratfolk led by a rat-shaman, protecting an alter. While fighting wave after wave of the rat soldiers, Gregory shot a cone of fire directly at Cornelius, knocking him unconscious. Right as he was coming to, Dulgemar killed the shaman, knocking himself out and knocking Cornelius out as well.

After destroying the alter, the group decided to head back to the entrance to take a short rest. After around a half an hour, Cornelius turned to the group, claimed he was a god, stepped onto his door-shield, and ascended into heaven, much to his Black-coat protege’s dismay.

What the group didn’t know is that he had simply cast levitate a few times, then cast another spell to fall softly and glide away. He landed about a mile off, wandering off and muttering something about how he had no reason to stay with a group that would set him on fire like that.

The door landed on the sobbing black-coat, killing him. (Maybe.)

Fifth Session
The Color of Thieves

After Welcoming the two new-comers to the party, the group sets off to Geralt. As they travel down the road, they come to a split, and, with Ditch being suspicious of an altered sign, they had taken a detour to Assimir, the last town before crossing the Border.

When they arrived, they split up to cover specific duties to care for the caravan, which resulted in P. Cornelius Houlihan to be enlisted into the Black Coats gang, one of the many color-coded gangs that ruled the city.

They had wanted to use his great strength to usurp the control of the Red Hands while the leader was away, and with the help of the Ravenguard, they succeeded without much bloodshed.

Fourth Session
The Flight of the Ravens and The Door to Geralt

After their encounter with the griffons, our band of courageous heroes regroup at the wagon. The friendly neighborhood psychopath walks up, covered in blood and holding a huge egg. He explains, using very few words, that the silver swords are kinda dead. Our band of mercenaries head up the mountain, finding the dead body of one silver sword and evidence that the other was alive and had escaped. After realizing that following was impossible, they gave up and searched the rest of the area, finding a magical Bag of Patches in the griffon nest. After all claiming a prize from the bag, they return to the wagon, and ask Gabriel about the bag, and he explains that it is an early iteration of a bag of holding. When shown the medallions that had been strung around the griffons necks, he explained that the party was in some trouble. These emblems meant that these griffons were protected by the Kingdom of Gerald, and that the magical nature of the medallions meant that the owners knew they had been killed. About this time, the egg Kyser had brought began to hatch. Surprisingly, the egg held TWO baby griffons, one white one, and one black one with no wings.

Ditch gained proficiency with animal genitalia.

Fearing retribution and Infamy for the crime they unwittingly committed, Ditch set up a small crime scene that he hoped had thrown suspicion on the The Silver Swords, even though at the back of his mind he knew one had escaped. In any event, they had fled the area as soon as they could. During the night a messenger came to them, delivering a letter to Blackfire, filling him with a need to leave. The group gave him their blessing, telling him to return when he accomplished what he needed to do. The group had grown a fondness for the two infantile griffins, but had slowly began to realize the large task that was to raise these creatures, as they ate about three or so pounds of meat per meal. Taking this into account, the group decided to visit a nearby town, the last before leaving the Petheien Empire. Alas, on the way the group ran into a blockade of would-be soldiers, who revealed themselves to be bandits, here to stop the group and prevent Gabriel and Rebecca from leaving the empire for some unknown reasons. During the fight, Dulgamar discovered one of the Bandit leaders was using a magical Hammer, that he recognized as the weapon from his fallen comrade. They had fought bravely, and had suffered much, but eventually they overcame the bandits, and the Paladin, Norixius Rhogar, was able to help bring everyone back to consciousness, and the group continued on their way, silent with their own thoughts.

Third Session
Griffon Hunting

With a heavy heart, Dulgamar returns to the sound of Peter’s exasperated cries that he was not responsible for the potential forest fire. Explaining the situation to the budding alchemist, Dulgamar finds that speaking about what he witnessed provides some sense of comfort, but chooses not to explain further. Peter is quick to nod, perhaps more satisfied that he actually wasn’t responsible.

The Ravenguard presses on with Ditch at the reins and Blackfire at his side, slowly learning from him how to properly guide the horses. Later, they come upon an odd impression in the dirt near the center of the road. Ditch halts the cart so that the team can investigate, looking for distinguishing features around them to try to figure it out. Discovering odd scrapes in the bank of the road, Rhogar is certain that something is clearly wrong with this picture. The paladin walks forward and tips the blunt end of his spear into the mound, surprised to see just how deep it goes until it finally hits something solid. When nothing happens, he orders the cart forward, and Ditch guides it around the hole.

When they stop for the night, Dulgamar performs a perimeter sweep but notices nothing out of the ordinary. As Ditch leaves to see what game he can find, Rhogar converses with Rebecca and Gabriel about the nature of their relationship and learns that Rebecca is an apprentice of sorts to the senior scholar. Cornelius sits down at the slowly growing campfire. Interested to try his special fruit, he takes a bite and within a few seconds spews some kind of icy-agent from his mouth, instantly dousing the campfire. Everyone but Gregory, busy rekindling the fire with his magic, clamors to grab one of the remaining fruit. While they are all busy distributing those, Cornelius has an absolutely brilliant plan. Passing unnoticed, he walks over to one of the horses and feeds the horse the remainder of his odd fruit, and then backs away to see just how far a horse can breathe ice. However, the horse merely droops and slides to the ground. Cornelius, not wanting to cause trouble within the group again, steps away and returns to the campfire before anyone can notice.

When the others notice, an argument breaks out with accusatory fingers all pointed at Cornelius. Blackfire attempts to bless the horse back to good health, but his efforts seem ineffective. The sailor, however, continues his charade of innocence until Ditch returns, now bearing gifts. The elf questions the group, exasperated, until he gets the bright idea to try to force the horse to vomit. Somehow, the plan works, and the horse seems to noticeably improve as the odd agent coats the grass in front of his maw with ice. Wanting to better understand the odd fruit’s capabilities, Cornelius presents his remaining fruit to the immensely interested Peter, who is certain that he can start to whip something up the minute he gets his hands on it. Later, unknown to the rest of the party, Peter and Dulgamar reach an agreement for a second potion, exchanging his fruit.

Once dinner is ready, Blackfire is on a mission to figure out the odd color-changing potion’s aftereffects. He asks Peter about the potion, and the alchemist hurriedly presents a second potion that might work to reverse the change, too busy focusing on the icy-fruit potion. Gregory and Cornelius, with their magical expertise, are certain that it will work. Blackfire downs the potion at their behest and seems to almost immediately become slightly ill. Several members of the guild agree to take turns watching over the cleric in the night, in case his symptoms become more severe.

Dulgamar, during his shift, is startled when something suddenly leaps from the earth and jumps toward him, swiping at him with his claws and severely wounding him. The armored rhino-like creature is unknown to the guild-members, and it takes several moments for many of them to awaken. Kyser and Gregory, sharing one of the larger tents, are slow to move, and Gregory tries to help the other put on his armor more swiftly.

Meanwhile, many of the attacks are ineffective against this somewhat magical creature, as Rhogar seems to realize. The shell is tough enough to endure most physical strikes, though Blackfire’s healing seems to allow Dulgamar a slight edge, doing the most initial damage of the fighters. Rhogar’s divinely-empowered war-pick seems to have some effect on the creature, though it is incredibly tough. Whenever it seems as though it takes a heavy hit, it burrows into the ground and uses that maneuverability in the fight well. At one point, it manages to hit Blackfire so hard that he immediately loses consciousness, his mangled body trapped within its jaws. The creature attempts to burrow away with their friend, but Cornelius is not having any of that. Magically increasing his size and strength, he dives after the creature with both arms, lifting it from the earth and waving it overhead, before throwing it as far as he can. It lands upside down, but it seems that the creature has swallowed Blackfire as though to get back at them.

Back in the tent, a frustrated and not even close to fully-armored Kyser grabs his sword and charges outside, immediately joining the fray. He notes that the underside of the creature exposes several weaknesses, the biggest offender the soft extruding spot at the base of the chest. With a mighty leap, he jumps onto the creature and stabs into that weak area.
Triumphantly kneeling on its chest, arm hanging lazily on the hilt, he remains there for several seconds. Dulgamar, knowing that there might still be a chance to save Blackfire, jumps atop the carcass and cuts into the belly with his battleax, finding the briefest of glimpses of Blackfire. Peter shouts from his position that he might have something to help and hurls a new potion; Dulgamar catches it, reaches in, and pours it within Blackfire’s mouth as he yanks the cleric from the creature with the other hand. Rhogar tends to
Blackfire as Dulgamar jumps back into the belly of the beast to look for eaten treasure. After several dives and gasps for air, he finds a necklace that he stashes within his bag.

Bartholomew and Gabriel, sure that it is over, approach to stare in awe of the creature, which Gabriel’s wealth of knowledge identifies it to be a bulette. Rebecca identifies the necklace as some kind of divine healing item, and Dulgamar bestows it upon Rhogar for safe-keeping; Rhogar is certain that it is a magical item with limited uses to cure most wounds.

While several of the others leave to wash off, Gregory has an idea to take advantage of the bulette’s massive hide, and Ditch agrees. Magically and cyclically heating a dagger several degrees, the pair find a suitable wound on the bulette’s skin and begin to slash away the connective tissue holding one of its thick plates. As the others return, only Dulgamar seems apt to help them finish their project, and Gregory sets the dwarf to cutting into another plate on the other side. After several hours, nearly to daylight, they manage to isolate three pieces, one damaged, to its hide, and hook them all to the base of the wagon with rope.
Exhausted, the human attempts to get more rest, but the dwarf performs one last bit of guard duty, and Peter pulls him aside to gift him the first potion made from the icy fruit. After that, the dwarf attempts to get some rest as well, but they are awoken not long after dawn on the morning of white Blackfire to the smell of bacon and the sound of Blackfire’s threats at Bartholomew for writing on his skin. Unbeknownst to anyone but Ditch, the goblin has been practicing writing the only words in Elven he knows, several curse words. After several too-long seconds, the cleric seems to calm down and asks the goblin to not write on him again, and Bartholomew agrees semi-reluctantly.

Two days pass without incident, and they are quickly approaching a distinctive mountain on the horizon. When Gabriel announces that they are in the kingdom of Gerald, the aware of geography in the guild are confused. Gabriel launches into a lengthy discussion about the history of Gerald, how they once owned much of this land when they had powerful armies and considerable allies. Gabriel says the Empire attacked them, their allies abandoned them, and they were not able to handle the situation. Though he seems to suggest that is only one side of the story.

The morning of blue Blackfire, as they pass over the road, they are met with a distinctive noise like great wings flapping. Gregory, able to notice what is coming while the others are seemingly unaware, has the unmistakable impression that he dreamed this before, as a huge bird-like creature swoops down and attempts to make off with the horse Mercy. The bird, which must be a griffon after Gabriel mentioned them in his history, fails, just as it did in the dream, and battle quickly ensues, even as a third and much larger beast flies over their cart ominously. Gregory attempts to keep them away with flames aimed at them in flight, as the griffons attempt to grab the members of the guild who attempt to challenge them on the ground. Twice, they attempt to grab Cornelius throughout the fight, and each time they attempt to drop him, he merely laughs and uses his magic to fall as lightly as a feather. Dulgamar attempts to leap at the creature who landed in front of the horse, landing on its back and then avoiding his attempts to throw it off. Using the only weapon he has available without letting go in mid-flight, the dwarf rears up and chomps at the creature’s eyes, but he doesn’t manage to find the eyeball to blind it. The griffons each take small amounts of damage throughout the fight that eventually add up, to the point where one griffon eventually flies completely away after trying and failing to lift the horse from the attached cart. The second remains, flying after Blackfire, who has remained behind the cover of the wagon to assist. Grabbing the cleric from the ground, Blackfire is unable to get free of his own accord, but the others are there to free him. Gregory misses his attempt, but Dulgamar hurls his flaming ax and Kyser his sword, both doing extensive wounds.

Eventually, the griffon decides that this is not worth its time, dropping Blackfire and fleeing. Cornelius saves him from falling to his death with magic, and now everyone must catch their bearings.

After several minutes, they eventually press on. Midday on the day of blue Blackfire, they are surprised to find two well-armored men claiming to be from an organization called the Silver Swords, who have a potential job for us. They tell the group of a nearby farming village that is totally ruined thanks to the mother griffon, the twice as large griffon from earlier that had avoided them. Promising a bounty of 2000 Gold pieces if they kill the mom, the guild converses and asks Gabriel for his opinion, which Rebecca interrupts to say that they are going to help. Reluctantly, the older man agrees, and the guild decides to help. Devising a plan which sends Kyser along with the two of them to the mountainous griffon nest, as well as a member of the other group becoming doused in Roq piss to attract aggressions from the group and the mother, seems like a bad one. But it’s the only one we’ve got.

The group in the forest clearing waits him out and utilizes their intelligence to get it to work. Cornelius douses himself in urine and weaves a natural minor illusion to get anyone behind him to think he was a baby Roq.

Second Session
Leaving/Escaping Newsham

After rescuing Dinmink and Peter from Bugbears, the party got Dinmink to cover the damages of the previous night. Peter also gave them an illegal potion called a Changing Potion. The party returned to town and made preparations to leave Newsham with great haste. Gregory Michaelson purchased a Slave for 315 gold, and Cornelius bought a hat. Blackfire also got called a “rapist” by P. Cornelius Houlihan while attempting to pick up a passed out female elf. Blackfire took of running, causing guards to be summoned. Following the rumors about a goblin pest, the party set a trap for it. Cornelius became a chimney. While the goblin got past Blackfire, the dwarf captured the goblin only to discover that it could talk and read. Renaming the goblin from Bitty to Bartholomew, they adopted it as their guild accountant/pet. The party also got employment from Gabriel Arch to take him and his assistant Rebecca Rivers to Erance in Gerald.

The party somehow got everyone out of Newsham in one piece. When they stopped for the night, the dwarf chopped down a tree that fell on two party members. Fortunately, the paladin had an inspiration point that saved the party from their local serial killer from going off the deep end.

At the end, the party discovered an abandoned cart with two dead dwarves. One of them was a dwarven beresker by the name of Kel’Lundar Axe-Thrower.

That night, they had a dream involving Kyser killing Blackfire in the tavern.

First Session
Disaster in Newsham

The adventure begins in Newsham. After bribing the guards to let Peter Picklesworth into town, the party want to the Quiet Bird Saloon. While the dwarf got the owner, Dinmink Porterwizzle to get them rooms, one of party members drank some Gnomish wine which lead to the events of destroying a room into the Red Roof Inn and breaking Kingsley Eastoft’s leg. Blackfire went to the Robber’s Tavern and made a deal with Jada Berkeley to teach Dinmink a lesson.

After a eventful night, the party rescued Dinmink and Peter from some Bugbears. Unfortunately, Blackfire drank one of Peter’s incomplete potions that now turns him different colors.


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