Alignment: CG
Capital: Evertree (107,452)
Notable Site:
Ruler: Queen Anhaern
Government: Monarch
Languages: Common, Elves


The elven kingdom of Gleliwyn is the oldest and wisest in all of Rayguard. Gleliwyn was one of the first kingdoms created after the Emergence War. While they live in the safety of the forests of Bematha and Han’li they are the last true elven kingdom. There are small groups of elves scattered across the world, but all elves view Gleliwyn as their true homeland. The Royal Family of Elwyrd has ruled the Gleliwyn since the beginning. However, in the last two hundred years, the Royal Family has not been seen outside the Palace of Evertree. Before this disappearance, Gleliwyn was twice as large as their current size, but time and rivals have taken their toll on the kingdom. While Gleliwyn has been reduced in size, they have the most experienced armies in the world and are more than prepared to defend themselves.


While Queen Anhaern currently the leader of her people, during the last one hundred years the three largest noble houses have run the kingdom.


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