The River Republics


Alignment: CG
Capital: -
Notable Site: Byhill (12,752), Dellland (58,625), Dracport (40,123), Esterdell (81,900), Freygate (47,288), Lightmere (100,210), Lordale (83,255), Merrivale (10,963), Northholt (92,333), Oldbay (74,210), Redbeach (34,800), Stonegate (17,802), Wellbridge (25,750)
Ruler: Grand Elder Nash Orah of Lightmere
Government: A council of elders with an elected Grand Elder
Languages: Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome
Religion: All Religions


The River Republics is currently one of the youngest kingdom in Rayguard, but in the span of one hundred years since their formation, they have become the culture capital of the world. While all of the people of the River Republics live under one banner, it is better to describe them as several small city-state loosely connected by a Council of Elders. While the republic has several races living in it, humans have been the only one nominated as elders.

While the River Republics have survived the advances of the Petheien Empires and the Horde of Aurn, they currently don’t have a centralized army. Each city has its own army lead by its own commanders which makes military decisions during war difficult. In the last six wars, only once has the Council elected a grand military general.

As they grow in both size and wealth, it is only a matter of time before one of their larger neighbors will attack them in full force instead of half-hearted efforts of the past.


Each city in the Republic is allowed two Elders who can vote on the council and fifteen denizens to travel with the elders that talk during the discussions but are not allowed to vote. For a new city to join the Republic, they need a vote of at least seventy-five percent to join, but no new city has gotten under ninety-percent to this day. Since the Council of Elders can’t always be in session, they elect a Grand Elder to represent them but their powers are very limited and can only hold the office for two years.

The River Republics

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