World of Rayguard


Creation of Rayguard

Before any life existed on Rayguard, the Old Gods ruled the Universe. These beings were timeless and wise creating races and planets as they traveled across the galaxy. Unfortunately, it take centuries to millenniums for them to do so, and the races they abandoned were left to their own devices. One of the creatures they created on the planet Hel’ra, the Titans viewed themselves as the masters of the worlds, not their parents. Like their creators, they were timeless but lack their wisdom and abilities to travel the stars.

Realizing that they would never truly be the masters of the universe as long as their parents existed, the Titans looked for a way to catch to them. One of titans, Newkor, instead focused her time on creating life just like the Old Gods. In her experiments, she made a new form of life, however the process killed Newkor. The creature that emerged from the ashes was a giant Phoenix. It escaped from Hel’ra by creating a portal to a desolate planet of Hel’van.

When the Old Gods arrived to Hel’van, they found a world covered in water, plant life, and small animals. As they investigated this, the Old Gods discovered that the Phoenix was responsible for this. One of the Gods, Tinkal, took the initiative and took the creature under her wing. Tinkal went to great lengths to teach the Phoenix how to not create simple life, but more complex creatures like elves and dwarves.

Once it had mastered this, Tinkal named the creature Vidal and tasked it with creating portals and preparing worlds for the Old Gods’ arrivals. Tinkal would never have predicted that her interaction with the Phoenix would have doomed the Old Gods and the Titans to a terrible fate.


As Vidal left for its mission, the Old Gods wanting to see their children traveled through the hidden portal to Hel’ra. When they arrived, they were horrified to discovered the beautiful paradise that they created had been twisted into a hellish barren rock by the Titans. The Old Gods tried to talk with the Titans but the Titans were power hunrgy and nothing the Old Gods said would change that. It didn’t take long before the Old Gods and the Titans come to blows. Their war quickly poured through to Hel’van and all of the Old Gods creations had to choose a side. This is how the Eternal War began.

As each side discovered the portals created by Vidal, their war would eventually would arrive to the worlds the Phoenix had populated. Both sides become exhausted from their loses and the war after several millenniums. To end the war, the Old Gods and the Titans proposed a final battle between their greatest companions to decide the victor on scattered world of Hel’ra. Garraygar, the leader of the Titans and Tinkal, the Titans creator, faced each other in single combat and were both fatally wounded. Garraygar fled the battle through one of the many portals.

In her dying breaths, Tinkal organized an uneasy truce between the surviving Titans and the Old Deus and created a new group called the New Gods. They would rule over the worlds created by Vidal as observers and interact with the creatures on these worlds with minimal interference as possible. But the Titans and the Old Gods refused to live together. So the Titans and their servants (Devils, etc.) reined on Hel’ra and the Old Gods would live on Hel’van with their followers (Angels, etc.). Many of the surviving planets (except Hel’ra and Hel’van) were ruled by the Halvblods, a mix of Titan and Old Gods that didn’t fight in the Eternal War.

Garraygar retreat through the portal didn’t work like he thought it would. In his weaken state, he didn’t have the power to activate the portal properly and ended up on Rayguard, a world that Vidal was just putting the final touches on. Because of Vidal’s mission, she had removed one step of the Eternal War. Vidal quickly discovered the woundend Titan. Vidal come to Garraygar aid and nursed him back to life. Seeing the powers that Vidal had and wanting them for himself, he waited and plotted until he was back to his full strength. He used the portal on Rayguard to summon an army of creatures to his aid and lead a campaign against the weaken Phoenix.

Vidal wanting to protect her creations, raised an army of her own against Garraygar. Their battles scarred Rayguard until Vidal on the verge of defeat made the ultimate sacrifice. Vidal and Garraygar vanished in a ball of light, never to be seen again. Without Garraygar’s mental influence, his armies were scattered and defeated by the armies of Rayguard.
With the disappearance of Vidal and Garraygar come the New Gods. The energies of their final battles lead the New Gods to Rayguard and with their influences, they organized the world into the Kingdoms that exist to present day.

While the New Gods are currently unified, some believe that if Garraygar should reappear, the Titans might join him in his crusade against the Old Gods.

World of Rayguard

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