The Fall of Gerald

Gregory's Journal #4

Font of Knowledge

A special thanks to Rebecca for letting me borrow this ink.

The Silver Swords connected to a place where they seemed to be experimenting on werewolves, creating hybrids with men. The speculation ran wild within our group, though we suspect that they might have been transporting monsters into places like this, perhaps to build up an army of unnatural creatures.

We made it back to the city and spent a little bit of time getting rest, wanting to relax before our next big job. Romero continued work on his special project, the chained weapon that currently doesn’t have a name, but which Dulgamar is dying to wield, and Blackfire turned all of his attention toward learning the arts of alchemy from Peter, which… went well? I’m not really sure, but at least alchemy seems to have more tangible benefits than a god that he can’t see. I spent a little time in the library after speaking with Rebecca, wanting to find the secrets of Gabriel’s spellbook, but we found it unfortunately coded. I didn’t find any books that could be used for a cipher, though perhaps the upper floors could share more.

Several of us wanted to see the limits of the knowledge we had gained, and so, we headed to an establishment that I shall keep named secret; I owe them a lot, and I’d prefer that it not go under simply because someone may read this and turn their ire toward them.

Dulgamar, without telling the rest of us any details until later, made a deal with this informant to trade the magical book, which we had just used on the cabin, in exchange for information on the warlock that killed his family, the reason that the Ravenguard was formed in the first place. A fair trade from the point of view of the informant, I’m sure, but was not one that Kyser or I could allow, in case the book fell into the wrong hands.

Let me spend some time on the book, now that I have the ink to do so. This thing is stupendously powerful, able to absorb nonliving and living batter just the same, the moment that blood touches its pages. I nearly died from its influence the first time it was used, saved by one of my guild mates from certain death. I do not know, at this time, what the nature of its magic is, and any attempt to learn from it resulted in a failure for my magics to divine the truth. Each time that it has been used, the effects have gotten worse and worse, though the more blood is involved, the more pages are revealed. So far, we have revealed roughly forty pages, around a fifth of the book, and we look forward to learning more, though it is getting more and more dangerous.

The point I’m trying to make is that if this book were to fall into the hands of, say, the warlock that killed Dulgamar’s family, imagine the havoc that it would wreak! He could kill many, many more families than just his own and complete the book, doing whatever nefarious deed that it could do.

Well, Dulgamar walked out of the meeting with the informant with the need to steal it. I had an inkling, a vision that Dulagmar might try to take something from Kyser, so I took his possessions and hung them from a bag attached to my windowsill, outisde my window. That night, Dulgamar raided Kyser’s room for the book, then searched my room for the book, and didn’t find it. An argument broke out about what to do, we eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to contact the translator I used previously at the Serpents and learn what we can about the book first, before making any decisions to hand it over to the informant.

The book is part of an ancient ritual used to create blood weapons, not unlike Kyser’s sword, though the translator couldn’t really confirm more than that, only that the blood effect will become more powerful the more pages are filled. When Kyser realized that it was this closely connected to his weapon, he did not feel, in good conscience, that he could give it away to someone whom he could not possibly trust.

That led to an interesting argument when Dulagmar approached the informant and essentially paid him off, to keep the informant happy, using most of our accrued funds to pay it off. Let’s just say, Bartholomew wasn’t happy at all with this arrangment, when asked later.

I spoke to the informant myself, when I had the chance, and gave him gold to potentially find information about Alexander, the tutor who essentially raised me. I was not prepared to learn that Alexander had been captured while on a job trying to flee orc slaves, was set for execution, before he escaped and then fled to the wild orc hordes. I’m happy that he’s okay, as far as I know, and this was the first bit of news about him that I had learned in a long time. It felt comforting.

The next job came up surprisingly quickly. We chose the more monetarily advantageous job, to escort a minor noble from Gerald to the border of the empire, probably the same checkpoint we had passed through so many weeks ago. Meeting with one of the noble’s escorts, we found that the Silver Swords were supposed to have escorted her the rest of the way, but our actions seemed to have caused them to abandon most of their active jobs, including Savanna Le Claire’s escort.

We gladly took the job and started on our merry way, learning the history of Savanna and her pseudodragon companion, Pearl. She took a liking to me, because of course, who couldn’t?

But not all was adorable on the two-week trip. We stopped to let the horses graze and were, unfornately, attacked by a group of hobgoblins. We did manage to fight them off, Savanna and Pearl herself fighting well. Ziggy found a note in Undercommon on one of the bodies, and it’s clear that they were targeting Savanna.

Don’t really know what that’s all about, but I have my suspicions.

We do eventually find the border a few days later, an uneventful trip, but low and behold, we find Prince Robert of Gerald himself, an entrie cohort from the Ninth Legion of the Imperial Army accompanying him. And he embraces Savanna as his sister.

Yes. Savanna, who some in Gerald believe to be the heir, just happened to be meeting her brother, the other heir to the throne, at the border. And Savanna was targeted on the same trip, conventiently in time for Robert to arrive.

Sounds like someone really, reallly wants the throne, doesn’t it?


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