The Fall of Gerald

Gregory's Journal #5


On our way back to the city after that shocking revelation, Prince Robert asked us and Princess Savanna to accompany him to dinner. I was a little tired at the time because I had spent most of the last hour dancing a jig quite well to the musical stylings of Ziggy, and made a little money from the imperial army. Good people who probably have no idea they are helping to escort a man who probably hired some Hobgoblins to murder his sister.

I probably shouldn’t have written that down, but I think I’ll take to hiding this notebook somewhere safe, in case its found. Wouldn’t want Prince Jackass to find it.

The dinner was tense and awkward, and they had several questions for us. Eventually, I realized William, the guy who was actually in charge of the army from what I could gather, was the emperor’s son, third in line to succeed him. Naturally, I was a lot more nervous than before, but I felt that my experience was the only way we might get out of this really tense dinner alive.

William spoke of the disappearance of his father’s advisor, and all the fucking bells went off right then.

What was I to do but tell the truth? If they found out that we knew more than we were letting on, that we had been involved with Gabriel and knew that he had died, then they were bound to be pissed off. If we told him at least a little of what we know, then perhaps that might mitigate some of the damages.

So I told him nearly everything. I left out what we had learned from Talion about the Order, though I did mention Talion’s name. That prompted William to order his men to interrogate Talion as soon as possible, naturally, and I had to control my urge to wince. They seemed very interested in the tale of Gloria and Maria, and seemed to want to “root them out” before the witches could spread. I realized my error in bringing them up at all and attempted to advocate on their behalf, explaining to Robert that if he really wants to remove all the creatures in Gerald, then having someone who is used to fighting the monsters in the Ruby Forest on your side would be most helpful. I’m not sure if WIlliam or Robert really accepted the idea, but for now, they seemed to consider it. That was as much as I could do, really.

Laura, a young girl with the symbol of a high-ranked figure in the Church of Humanity, seemed distraught to learn that Gabriel had died and immediately asked about Rebecca. When we explained that the girl was absolutely fine and safe, she thanked us for protecting her and explained that she had snuck on board the trip with the cohort so that she could learn more about where Rebecca could be.

Travel back to the city was uneventful, and Savanna awarded us with the funds she owed us and a personal medallion that had significance to her, though she did not explain. A reward for saving her life. We decided to give the medallion to Blackfire, given its magical properties to perhaps increase knowledge, thinking it might keep him from making horrible decisions.

Speaking of Blackfire, he blew up a room at the Dying Fox Inn while we were gone. I’m not sure why I should expect any differently at this point, but yes. He did. I would explain the series of unfortunate events that would lead to that moment, but I think you’ve all gotten the picture fairly clearly by now.

But when we returned home, Rebecca was watiing, cleaning up and busting tables downstairs to try to make up for what Blackfire had done. We told her about Laura, and she seemed so damn happy to meet with her. She also explained that a job was waiting upstairs.

I’ll finish filling in the details about this job after we get back.


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