The Fall of Gerald

My Dearest Granddaughter,

It has come to my attention that your guild master here in Erance is deathly ill. Please let me know if there is anything that my apothecaries could do.

Brian Lionheart


Grandmaster Kell Nev’ill dead in his sleep last night. Our healers give him some milk of the poppy to ease his suffering, but many could hear his cries through out the night. Yesterday he wanted to tell me something but he had a coughing fit so he wasn’t able to say anything. As per the traditions of the Silver Swords, we will have election in three days to replace him while First Captain Felador guards Guardmaster chair. This also means that Captain Felador has chosen to be ineligible as a candidate. The election will most likely be between myself and Second Captain Osborne. Please stay out of this because if people believe that you win this election for me it would undermined any command I have here.

Your Dearest Daughter,
Flora Lionheart

P.S. Stop sending suitors, as the next one might need your apothecaries.


Kirk_Lemmen Kirk_Lemmen

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